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Help heal your singing voice and reduce strain.

Serving the greater Philadelphia area.  Teletherapy visits are available for Pennsylvania and North Carolina residents

Basic singing voice rehabilitation is available for singers of varying levels experiencing strain, unreliable voice, or other singing voice symptoms that often occur after a voice change, injury or vocal surgery.  Basic singing voice rehabilitation focuses on assessing areas of muscle tension and basic singing technique in an effort to eliminate maladaptive singing behaviors and reducing physical and/or emotional stress that can affect voice production. 


**These sessions are not designed to teach voice lessons, address psychological performance anxiety, nor are they singing voice specialist (SVS) sessions.**


Resonate combines evidence-based, rehabilitative, and therapeutic exercises and techniques along with the clinician's personal singing experience and training to help singers reduce strain, heal vocal cord tissue, promote healthy voice, increase flexibility to regain vocal range, and improve confidence in their singing voice. For higher level singers who require a more advanced approach, you are encouraged to seek services with a qualified SVS who has professional training and education in vocal performance, pedagogy, or a related field in addition to experience in SLP practice for injured singers. 

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