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Management for your upper airway disorder

Serving the greater Philadelphia area.  Teletherapy visits are available for Pennsylvania and North Carolina residents

If you have one or more of the follow symptoms:

  • Troublesome, dry, chronic cough

  • Upsetting or embarrassing coughing fits or episodes

  • Chronic throat clearing

  • Breathing episodes with a sensation of gasping for air or choking

  • Notable, restrictive sensation or tightness in the throat


Speech therapy can often help.  Even if you've had symptoms for decades, research evidence and patient reports have shown that the therapy techniques and behavioral strategies taught often reduce or possibly eliminate your symptoms.  Speech therapy exercises and strategies target behaviors that facilitate chronic irritation and muscle tension contributing to cough or VCD/ILO/PVFM, as well as help rescue and maintain an open and relaxed airway.  Visit my FAQ page for more details about the diagnosis and treatment of VCD/ILO/PVFM and chronic cough.

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