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Assisting your vocal transition


Serving the greater Philadelphia area.  Teletherapy visits are available for Pennsylvania and North Carolina residents

For many individuals who feel their voice is not supportive of his/her/their gender identity, voice therapy can be a positive experience to help one discover their true voice and prevent vocal strain, discomfort, or damage to their voice in the long run. With Resonate, you will learn voice feminization and/or masculinization techniques based on your individual voice goals with an underlying focus on vocal health.


With the convenience of YouTube and the Internet, many people attempt to mimic untrained coaches or other speakers in order to manipulate their voices, however this approach is not always performed in a manner that is safe and effective. 


Resonate offers therapy both in person as well as online for those who enjoy a virtual setting in the comfort and privacy of your own home. All sessions are led by a trained voice specialist to guide you through your vocal transition, provide feedback, and give you the space to explore your true voice while avoiding muscle tension and other harmful voice behaviors. 

Allow Resonate to guide you on your very personal vocal journey to presenting as your authentic self safely and with greater confidence!

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