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Voice education, exercises, and strategies for executives, teachers, public speakers, coaches, call center specialists, administrators, managers, and other professionals with a high vocal demand to maintain health and reliability of your voice

As a professional voice user you rely on your voice daily, often with a high vocal demand, that can feel taxing by the end of your workday.  Not only may it feel difficult to perform job duties, but you may notice your voice is limiting your participation in other activities or responsibilities outside of work. Whether you want to improve your vocal quality to engage your listeners, reduce vocal fatigue and strain, or learn how to keep your voice healthy for a long and prosperous career, voice care for the professional voice user may be right for you. 


Your options:

  • One-on-one, virtual training sessions of scientifically proven exercises and practical strategies to train your voice, tailored to your profession and voice goals.  This is a non-medical service and is offered nationwide.

  • Rehabilitative, individualized voice therapy to reduce or eliminate voice symptoms.  Location restrictions apply.

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